We Create Only MEDICAL Web Sites.

Map2heal is a mediation service between health providers and wold wide patients. It is created specifically for health tourism/tourists. Our service allows patients to upload their medical cases on Map2heal Network Marketing System and receive second opinions from doctors and price offers from different health providers. This system guarantees the price which is offered by health providers and also protects patients privacy. Also this system gets many innovations for this industry
First, bidding system makes the progress more fast and secure.
Second, price details and health informations which are given by health providers, prevent unexpected surprises, such as additional payments, non-submitted operations or diagnostic actions.
Third, Map2heal System allows patients and health providers track the bidding and traveling steps. It is very useful for both side. because they would be informed about bidding actions, flight tickets and time details. Also we have mobile app in ios and android to keep in touch with patients and Health Providers.

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